Who are we?


This seems to be the first question our members are asked when the Patrons’ Association visits a Club, and, as the Association has been in existence since 1974, we are just as surprised that you don’t already know about us as you seem to be by our visit.

So, here we go

The Association’s primary object was to “promote, foster and encourage the friendship and fellowship that comes naturally from friendly competition in the game of Bowls”.

We still hold to this ideal, but now tend to concentrate our efforts on the task of raising all affiliated clubs’ awareness of the County Benevolent Fund, and of the help that it gives to those old and needy bowlers who are less fortunate than ourselves. We are a sort of ‘Lords Taverner’s Association’ of the Kentish bowling fraternity, and have taken the Benevolent Fund under our wing in an effort to increase its funding so that it may, in turn, increase its giving.

Through the generosity of one of our members, Richard, we have been able to resurrect the Benevolent Fund Cup Tournament, which was founded in 1932 and discontinued in 1939. This has enabled us to add a further £700 or so to our regular annual donation of £600 and some £800 from our ‘Bertie’ collecting the nap of the day.

We would like to do more, and you can help by becoming a member of the Association.

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