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Give Bowls a Try

Many people having seen bowls competitions on T.V., or maybe having stopped to watch a game in progress in their local park have at some time thought ‘I wouldn’t mind giving that a try.’

Well, the reasons and excuses why they haven’t are probably far too numerous to list here, I will just try to give you an insight into giving the game a try.

Probably the number one reason you haven’t tried bowls yet is that it is considered by those not involved in the game to be a sport for the older generation. Well, I would love to say the youngsters are coming, but, they are already here, the under 25 scene is flourishing both at County, National and International level.

The next reason is that people decide they wouldn’t be any good at the game. This really is a terrible excuse as no one is any good when they first start, let’s face it the D**m balls don’t even roll in a straight line for heavens sake. Having already watched the game do you really think you are going to be playing against Alex Marshall or David Gourlay the first time you go on the green.